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A few words from happy Live to Laugh Workshoppers!
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An office team of engineers, production managers and staff at Performance Medical Group hired Live to Laugh to give their employees some boosted morale and a thoroughly enjoyable workshop! They were not disappointed. The whole staff insisted we have dinner with them afterwards to keep the laughter going. Fun was had. :]
Laughing Workshop Participants

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“I feel so, so good after this workshop. Thank you!” -DW
“Great, feel good experience.” -Dennis Knight , Radiological Engineer
“Made me relax to the point of needing to cry! Very relaxed (amazing) release of stress. I had no worries for a few moments, and that’s something. Thank you so very much.” -Michelle, Operations Manager
“I was hesitant at first, because I’ve never partipated in anything like this before, but I relaxed into it in the first 2 minutes, and it made me feel like a kid again. I haven’t had this much fun in years. THANK YOU! I hope we can get you guys to come back more often!” :] -C.C., Administrator

Seniors at Cornerstone Village South were heard laughing all the way down the halls, as we left their assisted living facility. They begged us to come back weekly. :]
Cornerstone Village South

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Cornerstone Village South

“I enjoyed the program so much!” -Brenda Quebedeaux
“I had no concept of what the class would be. I love the feeling I had after the class activities. I don’t laugh enough, and I was encouraged to think I didn’t need an outside stimuli to laugh! I would like a list to go by to do this all the time!” -Susie Candler
“So great. Made us laugh. Please come back!” -Lilian Potan
“Different and fun! Never too late to learn!” -Betty Shaw
“VERY FUN!” -Dot Goforth
“I think that people can make happiness and laughter, and this class will make them happier. This is a GREAT program!” -Maxine Ready
“Very interesting! I laughed when I thought I wouldn’t! Loved it.” -Evelyn Muldowry
“It was GREAT!” -Virginia Hurst
“At first it was awkward, but after letting go, I couldn’t believe the stress that was relieved from my body due to circumstances with my family. Thank you!” -Danette T.
“Great fun! Got us ready for the rest of the day! Thank you! Please come back!” -Dolores Bodin

The Miles Perret Cancer Center invited our instructors to give their patients and families a Laughter Workshop. As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Miles Perret Cancer Services

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Miles Perret Cancer Center

“Great class! Good information.” –Barbara R.
“I had a great time in the Laughter Yoga class. I discovered new ideas to help raise my spirits. I am a first grade teacher in an inner city school.” –Linda Canuelle
“I feel great!” –Joe Fontenot
“Excellent!” –Peter B.
“Really so much fun. I needed this. And great information too. I learned a lot without even trying.” –Judy, Retiree
“All 10’s.” Jane, Retired Speech Pathologist, Former Dance Teacher.
“Very enjoyable and relaxed. Thank you. Great job.” –Linda R, Bus Attendant
“Great! Enjoyed it thoroughly! Please come back!” –Max
“I thought it sounded fake. But it was wonderful. Such a release – I cried! Thank you.” –Hazel

City Club Gym Members at River Ranch had a blast during their workshop! We couldn’t stop them laughing and doing their favorite laughter exercises all the way out the door. :]

City Club

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City Club at River Ranch - Gym and Fitness Center City Club at River Ranch - Laughs!

“This was exactly what I needed after a particularly stressful past few months. My favorite part was the laughter meditation! Great job guys!” – Carly Bagwell, Accounts Payable Associate
“Great release to a stressful day.” – Kimberly Guillot, Registered Nurse “So much fun! Thanks, we needed it.” – Becky Phares, Pilates Trainer
“Fantastic! Laughed so hard, I cried. It was awkward at first, but once I warmed up to the idea, I felt like everyone was my friend. Thanks!” – Kelly Russo, Freelancer
“Loved the class, even if I was the oldest one!” – Mary Callaway, Homemaker
“Laughing felt AMAZING! This is a really great practice. :]” – Lindsay Jordan, Media Relations & Bartender
“Thanks for the sh*ts n’ giggles!” – Dean Phares, Banker
“I laughed the hardest and the best when we were lying down and when we were asked to stop laughing – after that I couldn’t stop!! – Fun! <3” – Camille Stagg, Ecologist
“Great class, and very entertaining. Exceeded my expectations!” – Emily Hebert, Registered Nurse
“I had a great time! Best part was lying on the mats laughing!” –Marie Creduer, Cosmetologist
“Really enjoyed the class. Was amazed how much I laughed. I FEEL GREAT!” – Fiona Shears, Housewife
“Enjoyed the class very much. Thank you!” – Carole Coffery, Book-keeper
“It was a great class! It was much easier to tap into the laughter than I thought. What a great energy to focus on and share with a group!” – Brianne Lozier, Zumba Instructor, Cosmetologist
“LOVED THIS!!” – Georgia Rachal, Pilates Instructor, Diehard Movement Advocate :]
“Really enjoyed the class. Took it after a day of work, and definitely felt less stress after. I especially enjoyed the group laughter exercises.” – Aaron Lozier, Web Developer
“Relaxing and fun!” Aman Curet, Pharmacist
“Fun, unique experience!” – Ashley Ramsey, Physician’s Assistant
“Very entertaining. A great way to meet new people too.” – Devin Faul, College Student
“So entertaining and fun!” – Chassity Maturin, College Student
“Being a pretty structured exerciser, I was hesistant but really enjoyed it and found it easier to “fake it” at the start, than I expected. I FEEL GOOD!” :] – Julie, Physical Therapist

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots, Acadiana Chapter, invited our instructors to give their children and parents a Laughter Yoga Workshop. There was A LOT of laughter and fun (see below ;)), for kids and parents alike. One child even commented on how they liked seeing their mom or dad “be silly and not stressed,” with another chiming in with the same. It was a special, positive and playful experience for all. Check out our Laughter Row Boats below! ;]

Jane Goodall's Roots and Shoots, Acadiana Chapter

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Laughter Boats, Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots, Acadiana ChapterJane Goodall's Roots & Shoots Group, Acadiana Chapter

“So wonderful. My body feels renewed completely. THANK YOU!” –Lydia Nicole, Massage Therapist, Visual Artist
“Great experience! A wonderful way to connect with a group. Beautiful way to release stress and tension. I feel so refreshed, happy and rejuvenated.“ – Jammie Parbhoo, Accountant
“It is a great and easy way to escape the daily rigidity and pretence our society often imposes.” –Gabi, Scientist
“Laughing for no reason is FUN!” – Andi Pataileseau
“Your Laughter Yoga Workshop was a beautiful experience, and lots of fun for both the kids and the parents!” –Jayme Liles, Social Worker
“Crystal, the after effects of that class for me are just spectacular! Instead of just a silent chuckle to myself, I find it easier to let it ring.” –Lydia, Mother
“Very well organized. Alyce and Crystal worked together very well. It was easy to follow what to do and very beneficial!” –Monique Koll, Executive Director of Bike Lafayette, Veterinarian
“Loved the magic carpet ride! Wonderfully detailed journey. THANKS!” –Gina Hanchey, Balley Teacher
“I love Laughter Yoga!” –Almah Sophia Finley, Child
“I really enjoyed the group interaction with others. A nice release of energy.” –Carlos Finlay, Computer Prepress
“I think it was REALLY FUN!” Annouche, Child
“My child liked the meditation best. I loved ALL of it!” –Heather Abraham, School Teacher
“It was fun, very relaxing and unique. I already find myself happier and less stressed. Thank you!” –Layla Marie Parlahoo
“Wonderful experience, and such a great tool for life! Great visual story at the end. I loved the magic carpet ride!” –John Finley, Filmmaker

The Lafayette Community Farmers & Artisans Market invited our instructors to give a Laughter Yoga Workshop at their big Saturday event. The sun was shining, and the venders, shoppers and musicians said they could hear our laughter all through the park! It was a contagious laughter sort of morning.

BIg Saturday Community Farmer's Market

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Lafayette Farmers & Artisans Market

“This was the perfect medicine. Thanks for bringing this to our community!” “Martin Arceneaux, Carpenter
“”Wonderful! Fun and great way of letting go. Feeling peaceful! And grateful!” –Kather Dumensnil, Professional Painter/Artist
“Laughter heals! Today’s workshop outside was perfect. And Laughter Yoga outside is amazing!“ -Natalie Dominque, Massage Therapist
“I feel relaxed and free.” –Melanie Crane, Teenager, High School Student
“Great therapy, and very fun.” –June Seileau, Direct Support Worker
“The Live to Laugh program I experienced at the Saturday Community Farmer’s Market gave me joyful hope and release of worries. Thanks for sharing your time and wisdom.” –Betsy Richard, Business Owner
“Super glad to be here to try it out. A super fun, open workshop. I loved it.” –Anna M. Cameron, Investigator
“It was so freeing and healing to be able to laugh and not feel self-conscious about it. Thank you!” –Corey Hamburg, Technology Instructor


Hearts of Hope, a non-profit agency whose aim is to reduce the trauma experienced by victims of sexual abuse and sexual assault, invited our instructors to share a Laughter Yoga Workshop at their facility. It was such a stress-relieving and positive experience for all who participated. Love and support can come in many forms, and this organization oozes it. 


Life is short! Add joy. Book a Laughter Yoga Workshop for your counseling or rehabilitation center, for your staff or your clients, here!

Screen shot 2014-12-10 at 8.26.41 PM

“Loved it. It definitely gave me the release of tension and stress I’ve been carrying. I feel great after this!” :] -Natalie Thibodeaux, Non-Profit Social Services
“You were wonderful! Very relaxing, and to know laughing for no reason is fun! What a great release. :]” – Anne Cunningham, Family Advocate
“Amazing how infectious laughter is! Laughing at nothing brought tears to my eyes!!” – Jill Dugas, Social Work
“What a wonderful experience after a hard day. Thank you.” – Jennifer Porter, Administrator


An Artists Group invited our instructors to teach a workshop at one of their nighttime meet-ups. With such creativity pulsing through this group, it’s no surprise the night was a great success, AND two new creative ideas were even formed right after all the activities! We knew LY inspires creativity and innovation, creates new neural pathways in the brain through the wonderful process of play, but to have the ideas pour out so soon after the workshop was very fun to see, indeed. We felt more creative just by playing with them all!


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“So powerful! I love how even if you fake the laugh and think it’s silly, the feeling of bliss still happens!” – Frances Handy, Artist & Yoga Teacher
“Really enjoying the laughter yoga class. I was tense and tired from work, and was completely rejuvenated by the laughter.” – Robin May, Photographer
“Love the freedom of laughing without judgement or just being silly and making no sense for inspiration. Thanks!” – Clarity, Artist
“Preceding the quiet meditation, I had sensations running through my body akin to the delightful, exciting sensations of riding a roller-coaster.” – Tania Klotts, Artist, (but my real profession is Play)
“Laughter is the best medicine, and we got a full does with Crystal and Alyce in their Laughter Yoga workshop. I love to laugh, but the class helped me to channel my laughter for best effect. Thank you!” – Sally O. Donlon, Assistant Dean, Writer, Storyteller
“I was having a very difficult time feeling any joy today and trouble coping. Now? I feel AWESOME!!” – Linda Castle, Creative


We recently did a large workshop at the Faith House Shelter, and it was a happy, moving and bonding experience for the participants and for us. Faith House is a non-profit program for survivors of domestic violence and their children. The program consists of: a shelter, a non-residential program, a transitional housing program, a permanent supportive housing program, an outreach program, a 24-hour crisis line and a public education program. Their 45-bed facility accepts victims of domestic violence and their minor children. What a wonderful place to share the joy of Laughter Yoga, and an amazing organization doing an awfully lot of good. (For the privacy of their clients, only a handful of staff were photographed with permission).

Faith House 2

Life is short! Add joy. Book a Laughter Yoga Workshop for your shelter, outreach program or homeless services organization here!


“This was lots of fun, and great stress relief for the adults and the kids!” – Sara Dore, Domestic Violence Child Advocate
“It was great to have some of the children involved that don’t always get a chance to be silly. Thank you.” – Jessica Frazier, Operations Manager
“Thank you for a positive new experience.” – Dawn, Survivor Advocate
“I want to lay down more and breathe like you showed us.” – A.B., Child
“It was our first time doing this, and my kids and I enjoyed it a lot. Troy said it made him feel silly, and he really liked it. Thank you guys so much!” – Lindsey, Troy, Tristin and Khloe Johnson, Crisis Intervention Advocate & Kitchen Manager
“Really fun class. I really enjoyed it.” – Kasey A., Mother
“It was really fun, and funny to be silly with the adults.” – Michael, Child


Camelia House Wellness Center and other past LY participants had a blast during their workshops! One in particular explained the experience best… watch the short video compilation to see! :] 
Camelia House

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