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When bringing LY Workshops to acting workshops, entertainers and public speaking classes and conferences, some of the areas that participants find the most substantial benefits are: increased self-confidence, improved social connection, decreased stress and cortisol levels (stress hormones), team building, strengthened communication, increased endorphines and improved immunity, lower blood pressure, and increased creativity, happiness and sense of wellbeing.

In addition to the scientific and health benefits, participants often say that after practicing Laughter Yoga, they find themselves laughing more readily and easily throughout their day. They also report feeling an increased ability to laugh and cope with challenging events as they arise in their lives, and to approach them with a more light-hearted attitude. Evolution has given us the wonderful gift of laughter, and with Laughter Yoga we’re able to cash in on it’s benefits whenever we feel we could use it most.

 To schedule a Laughter Yoga workshop for your theater group, public speaking class or other setting, you may contact me using this handy form or directly at 617.529.0090 or info (at) livetolaugh (dot) org.

“Laughter Boosting”

“Laughter boosting” is the practice of using laughter to prepare for public speaking or other stress-inducing events. By decreasing the stress hormone cortisol, increasing endorphines, oxygen and dopamine, the practice eases stress, provides increased oxygen to the body’s organs, stimulates the right brain and elicits a feeling of happiness and joy – all the while helping to relax and prepare for a great performance.

In the video below, “Dancing with the Stars” Harry Hamlin uses pre-performance laughter sessions to help him relax and boost his scores on the popular American television show:

⇨ “Dancing with the Stars” Harry Hamlin Prepares for Performance with Laughter Yoga

Laughter and Play

Laughter Yoga also nourishes and encourages our playful energy, and allows participants to tap into the playful desires that reside in all of us. Some may consider play to be something really just for children or the retired, but science tells us the facts behind our biological drive to play are a bit more intriguing than that. Below Dr. Stuart Brown shares a fascinating TED Talk on the scientific importance and benefits of Play:

⇨ TED: Stuart Brown, Play is More Than Fun, It is Vital

To explore the benefits of Laughter Yoga further, please feel free to check out our Interesting Articles, Videos and Benefits pages. I look forward to helping you bring more laughter into your life soon! Drop me a line to book a workshop anytime.

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